This is a page showcasing some of the projects that I had been working on.

Untitled, 2011, click to play    A demonstration video
A personal video game project, which is made more for aesthetic and artistic purposes, rather than entertainment. This project invites you to a nocturnal walk around an urban setting and allows you to reflect upon it, as going outside for a walk does induce reflective thinking. But how an urban landscape shapes our thoughts? Is it the same as walking in nature, walking along a river and witnessing the sunset? Our thoughts still transcend this material realm into the heavens, and one can even witness glitters of starlight in the concrete, and the luminescence of street lights can propel us up there.

Ring of Fire, click to play   Mirror
A small video game made almost entirely by me, using Unity, JavaScript. With this project, I wanted to learn scripting so I could develop my own games and also have a tangible project at the end. Download.

"Drag a Dragon"
A prototype of a video game made by me, Rytis Stankevičius (programming) and with some help from Indrė Lelertavičiūtė (illustrations). It was made using XNA and showcased at a KTU GameDev Conference. It was made in our spare time by getting together at an appointed regular time. This project will be continued and made for a mobile platform.

The Uncrackable Twins, click to watch
This is a mock bullet-hell game, made at University as a group project. I was one of the two artists.

A low-poly UDK interior, click to download
A living room visualisation made in UDK.

Dino Paradise 
A dating game, where you have to roar into the microphone to seduce your dino friend and save the race from extinction! I drew the character art and her animations and the end screen. A game from the 2011 Global Game Jam.

Trouble at the Mexican Border, click to play
Me and Nerius, a programmer, designed and developed this over the course of one and a half day in 2009 at the Global Game Jam.

A short made based on the movie “Land and Freedom” using Motion Capture and Reaction Manager with Morph Targets.

I have worked on a real-time graphics project on friend's self-made 3D graphics engine alongside him. All low-poly meshes are sculpted and normal map extracted, textured.

A 2D sprite animation tutorial
A set of essential 2D game effects' tutorials for your everyday space shooter needs.

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